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Action Items

  1. Sign on here to support this campaign.
  2. Sign on your organization at StopDomesticTerror (at)  We will let media CEO's and Boards know that you want civility, honesty and accountability on the airwaves. We will let religious and political leaders know that you want them to condemn hate speech that advocates violence. We will ask companies to stop advertising on extremist media outlets such as Bill O'Reilly's FOX TV show and Rush Limbaugh's radio show because of their lies, incitement and racism. We will insist that shock jocks stop targeting people with racist and violent hate speech designed to incite violence against others. We will let the Department of Justice know that you want domestic terrorism laws enforced and a breakup of the media monopoly controlled by the far right.
  3. Send a note to FOX advertisers to stop ads on Glenn Beck's show,
  4. Sign the petition below to let your Congress Members know that you want them to speak out against hate speech, media lies, and violence, and that you want the FCC and NTIA to update the 1993 report, “The Role of Telecommunications in Hate Crimes.”

Click here to Send A Letter To Congress .


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