You are hereCrooks & Liars: Anti-Abortionist: Shooting Abortion Docs 'A Blessing to the Babies'

Crooks & Liars: Anti-Abortionist: Shooting Abortion Docs 'A Blessing to the Babies'

-By Diane Sweet

April 25, 2013- An anti-abortion activist in Iowa with ties to Scott Roeder, the man who murdered abortion provider George Tiller, is under fire for calling for the shooting of the people who reopened Tiller’s abortion clinic. “If someone would shoot the new abortionists, like Scott shot George Tiller ... It will be a blessing to the babies,” Dave Leach says on a YouTube video. The video includes a recorded conversation between Leach and a man Leach identifies as Roeder, who is currently serving life in prison for Tiller’s 2009 assassination.

In an interview with The Des Moines Register, Leach said he would not personally harm any abortion providers.

"I'm 67 years old. I don't know anything about guns," he said. "I think I could accomplish more with words." He denied that his comments were meant to encourage anyone to kill abortion providers. "That's not exactly a call for that to happen," he said. "Any reasonable person looking at that statement would not equate that with a call for action."



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