You are hereThe New Yorker: The Newtown Shooting: Kindergarteners and Courage

The New Yorker: The Newtown Shooting: Kindergarteners and Courage

-by Amy Davidson

December 14, 2012- “I heard something like someone was kicking on a door,” a little boy, a student at Sandy Hook Elementary School, near Newtown, Connecticut, told a reporter for NBC. He said that bullets were “whizzing by” him in the hallway, but “a teacher pulled me into her room” before one hit him. “The gym teachers told us to go in the corner and we huddled,” another said. “We were in the gym and I heard really loud bangs,’’ a third boy, a nine-year-old, told the Times. “And we heard yelling, and we heard gunshots. We heard lots of gunshots…. We had to go into the closet in the gym. Then someone came and told us to run down the hallway.” The children ran, some with their eyes closed, and made it out.

By then, twenty of the children who had arrived at school that morning were dead, along with six grownups who worked there—that is a preliminary count—and the shooter, a twenty-year-old man named Adam Lanza, and his mother, Nancy Lanza; he’d apparently killed her before coming to the school. (Earlier reports had named his older brother, Ryan; said that their father was dead; and also described their mother as a teacher at the school.) “The majority of those who died today were children, beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old,” President Obama said in a press conference. And then he began to cry.



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