Buzzflash: Rep. King, Extremists Come in All Shapes and Sizes

March 10, 2011- It captures the imagination of fear-enraptured segments of our society when images of Muslim fanatics are paraded across TV screens and the Internet. Without dismissing the threat of those who would do this nation harm, it is unworthy of our traditional commitment to reliable evidence and adherence to the rule of law when we react hysterically to extremists of a particular ethnicity or religion. No hyperbolic excuses and examples of offenders can make such an approach acceptable.

Islamophobia Today: Japanese-Americans Condemn Anti-Muslim House Hearings as “Sinister”

March 9, 2011- During the chaotic days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Basim Elkarra was passing by an Islamic school in Sacramento when he did a double-take: The windows were covered with thousands of origami cranes – peace symbols that had been created and donated by Japanese Americans.

Amid the anger and suspicions being aimed at Muslims at that time, the show of support “was a powerful symbol that no one will ever forget,” said Elkarra, a Muslim American community leader in California.

It was also the beginning of a bond between the two groups that has intensified as House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter T. King (R-N.Y.) prepares to launch a series of controversial hearings Thursday on radical Islam in the United States.

Talking Points Memo: Lungren On King Hearings: No One Complained About Scope Of Hearings On Neo-Nazis Or The KKK

March 10, 2011- Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA) said that it's unfair to criticize Rep. Peter King's (R-NY) hearings on Muslim radicalization for having a "singular focus," because the hearings are "looking at a specific problem and we're trying to deal with it" -- just like similar panels, he said, that dealt with neo-Nazis, the KKK, and militia groups.

"I have been on panels that have investigated the continuing presence of Nazi war criminals in the United States," Lungren said, "and whether or not we should continue to investigate and prosecute them. I have served on panels that dealt with the war time relocation of Japanese Americans and Japanese nationals, that was limited to that."

Talking Points Memo: Did MLK Day Bomb Suspect Leave Online Trail Of Hate?

March 10, 2011- Is the man accused of leaving a backpack bomb along a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade route a white supremacist?

Shortly after news broke Wednesday that Kevin William Harpham had been arrested in connection with the January incident in Spokane, Wash., the Southern Poverty Law Center announced that its records show Harpham was, in 2004 at least, a member of the white supremacist National Alliance.

But, National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe told TPM that Harpham is not a member of his group, and U.S. Attorney Michael Ormsby only said "we're not commenting on that" when asked by TPM if Harpham had any known supremacist connections. Meanwhile, Paul Mullet, the former self-proclaimed leader of the Aryan Nations, told KXLY yesterday that Harpham expressed interest in joining the Aryan Nations a few years ago. Mullet claimed he had a number of conversations with Harpham, but that Harpham had never joined the group.

Talking Points Memo: Only Majority Of Conservatives And Tea Partiers Think Muslims More Prone To Violence

March 10, 2011- As Rep. Peter King's (R-NY) hearings on the radicalization of American muslims get underway, a new Pew poll of American adults finds that conservatives and Tea Party sympathizers are the only two political demographics of which a majority believe Islam, more so than any other religion, encourages violence.

Overall, Americans are split fairly evenly on the question. Yet the stark ideological divide reveals how sharply the issue breaks down along party lines, with far more people on the right -- and particularly to the far right -- viewing Islam as a violent religion.

Overall, 40% of Americans think Islam is more likely to incite violence than other religions, while 42% say it is not.


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