Canada.Com: Sheriff: Suspects in killings of 2 Louisiana deputies linked to anti-government extremists

-By Cain Burdeau, The Associated Press

August 19, 2012- NEW ORLEANS - A sheriff says seven people arrested in a fatal shootout with Louisiana deputies have been linked to violent anarchists on the FBI's domestic terrorism watch lists.

DeSoto Parish Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle said his detectives had been monitoring the group before Thursday's shootout in Laplace, a suburb of New Orleans. Two deputies were killed and two more wounded.

Arbuckle said Saturday his detectives and the work of other law enforcement agencies discovered the suspects were heavily armed adherents to an ideology known as the "sovereign citizens" movement.

The FBI has classified "sovereign citizens" as people who believe they are free from all duties of a U.S. citizen, like paying taxes. The FBI considers them a danger for making threats to judges and law enforcement, using fake currency and impersonating police officers.

The Examiner: Obama death threat: Cat impaled, burned alive next to Obama campaign sign

-By Lou Colagiovanni

August 14, 2012- Authorities are investigating a possible threat to President Obama after a burned cat was found staked to a tree stump using an American flag, next to an Obama 2012 campaign sign.

Longfellow Park, the site of the incident, is located in southern Minneapolis. The park is also used as a polling area. Minnesota primary elections are being held Tuesday, August 14, 2012. It is not known if the display has anything to do with the local election.

The display drew the attention of law enforcement agencies from all over the Minnesota area, including Homeland Security, The FBI and The Secret Service who investigate every threat made against the president no matter how benign.

Agencies report there are no immediate leads, and the closest security camera was at least a half a mile away from the incident.

New Orleans Times-Picayune: Picture of suspects in St. John Parish shootings starting to emerge

-By Gordon Russell

August 17, 2012- A grainy picture is starting to emerge of the suspects involved in the shootings Thursday morning that claimed the lives of two St. John Parish sheriff's deputies and injured two others. Five of them had apparently been under surveillance in DeSoto Parish in north Louisiana two months ago, and at least one of them was considered a fugitive in Nebraska and Kansas for "making terroristic threats" as well as allegedly selling marijuana.

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Burned cat in Mpls. park puts Secret Service on alert

The cat was staked with an American flag next to an Obama/Biden lawn sign in Minneapolis' Longfellow Park

-By Paul Walsh

August 13, 2012- A threat to President Obama in the form of a burned cat staked to a tree stump drew officers from several city and federal agencies to a south Minneapolis park before dawn on Monday.

The cat's carcass in Longfellow Park was staked with a handheld American flag on a small stick, according to a federal law enforcement official. Standing next to the cat was an Obama/Biden 2012 lawn sign, the official said.

No arrests have been made.

Obama's official schedule Monday shows him leaving Chicago for Omaha and then on to Boone, Iowa, about 230 miles south of Minneapolis.

The park's main building is also an election polling place. Tuesday is a primary election day in Minneapolis and elsewhere in the state.

The Guardian: Wade Michael Page and the rise of violent far-right extremism

The man who opened fire in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin was not just a crazed loner, but a vocal neo-Nazi – in fact, his white supremacist ideology reflected a growing form of extremism that expresses its strength through violence rather than at the ballot box

-By Matthew Goodwin

August 8, 2012- On Saturday 28 July 2012, Wade Michael Page walked into the Shooters Shop in Wisconsin to buy a 9mm semi-automatic handgun, and ammunition. Eight days later, the 40-year-old military veteran arrived at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek and began shooting at members of the congregation who had gathered to prepare a meal. During the shooting, six members of the Sikh community, one police officer and the attacker were killed.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Shooter, Wade Page, was in Army, white supremacist

-By John Diedrich, Don Walker, Mike Johnson and Erin Richards of the Journal Sentinel

August 6, 2012- The shooter who open fired before worship services Sunday at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek and killed six people before he was killed by police is Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old Army veteran, U.S. Attorney James A. Santelle said Monday.

He said officials believe he purchased the 9 mm handgun legally in Wisconsin.

Page served in the military approximately between 1992 and 1998, Santelle said.

Reuters: Sikh temple gunman was ex-soldier linked to racist group

-By Brendan O'Brien and James B. Kelleher

August 6, 2012- The gunman who killed six worshipers at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin was identified as a 40-year-old U.S. Army veteran and authorities said they were investigating possible links to white supremacist groups and his membership in skinhead rock bands.

The assailant, shot dead by police at the scene on Sunday, was identified as Wade Michael Page. He served as a soldier in the Army from 1992 to 1998, said police chief John Edwards in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek where the 400-member temple is located.

Survivors described women and children hiding in the pantry of the temple's community kitchen as the gunman stormed through the building. "Everyone was falling on top of one another," said Parminder Toor, 54, speaking in Punjabi as her daughter-in-law, Jaskiran Kaur, translated.


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