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Stand-To:’ Holding The Line Against Christian Fascism sticky icon

These domestic terrorists masquerading as Biblical warriors for Christ are much like other Christofascists we have run across for the past few years. They masquerade hate by using the Bible and God, trying to imply they are somehow good people. You know, love thy neighbor and all of that horseshit while spewing their lies and disinformation. Instead they are usually found abusing others, breaking the law, blowing up abortion clinics, plotting against abortion doctors and spreading lie after lie after lie, just because they can, all in the nature of loving God and praising Jesus and so on and so on.

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Organizing to Stop Far Right Violence sticky icon

-By Frank Schaeffer

October 5, 2009- Since President Obama took office I've felt like the lonely -- maybe crazy -- proverbial canary in the coal mine. As a former right wing leader, who many years ago came to my senses and began to try to undo the harm the movement of religious extremism I helped build has done, I've been telling the media that we're facing a dangerous time in our history. A fringe element of the far right Republican Party seems it believes it has a license to incite threatening behavior in the name of God.

Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy's Armed Militia "Domestic Terrorists" sticky icon

APR 18, 2014 - Harry Reid has joined our campaign apparently, and calling these armed men wearing militia-type clothing and heavy automayic weapons at the Cliven Bundy standoff for what they are...domestic terrorists. they incite violence and could have escalated the standof to the point where someone could have gotten killed; all over a crazy man who needs to pay his grazing fees like the courts have ruled. Discuss this on our StopDomesticTerror Facebook Page here, and read more on here.

Insurrection Timeline

On June 26, 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court embraced the National Rifle Association's contention that the Second Amendment provides individuals with the right to take violent action against our government should it become "tyrannical." The following timeline catalogues incidents of insurrectionist violence (or the promotion of such violence) that have occurred since that decision was issued:

Who is this man intending to shoot at? Progressives? Law enforcement personnel?

Who is this man intending to shoot at? Progressives? Law enforcement personnel? No one was stopping these people from exercising their free speech, there was no need for guns. Kids could have gotten killed over grazing fees a crazy man has been ordered by the courts to pay. What do you think? Discuss this and mre at our StopDomesticTerror Facebook Page!

Washington Post's Live Coverage of Manhunt Boston Marathon Bombers

Police said one suspect is dead and a manhunt was underway for a second suspect after a police officer was killed at MIT and the suspects led police on a chase and into a violent confrontation involving explosions and gunfire in Watertown, Mass. a about 10 miles west of Boston.

The suspects were linked to the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three people and injured 176 near the race finish line Monday.They are brothers, law enforcement officials said Friday morning. The one still at large was identified by law enforcement authorities as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge.Law enforcement officials said they believe Tsarnaev may be strapped with explosives. They are taking extreme precautions in Watertown and other nearby suburbs.


NPR: Boston Marathon Explosions: Thursday's Developments

5:45 p.m. ET. Where Things Stand.

INVESTIGATION: The FBI released images of two men who they say are suspects in the bombing of the Boston Marathon that left three people dead and injured about 180.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers said the FBI identified one individual at first, but after reviewing video and other evidence they determined that another individual was also implicated.

Colorado TEApublican Threatens To Kill Democratic Lawmaker, Daughter

Blogged by Jason on Americans Against the Tea Party

February 26, 2013- Here we go again, with another “isolated” incident of violent Tea Party threats against a liberal public official who is trying to reduce gun violence in her state.  Colorado’s state legislature adopted four gun-control measures earlier this month, two of which were sponsored by Representative Fields. One requires universal background checks on all firearms purchases in the state, and the other limits ammunition magazines to 8 rounds for handguns and 15 rounds for larger firearms.

Why Anyone Should Care that Bill O’Reilly Calls Me A Communist

-By Robert Reich

April 23, 2012- Bill O’Reilly, the tumescent personality of Fox News, said on his Friday show “Robert Reich is a communist who secretly adores Karl Marx.” (This came after Fox News’ Neil Cavoto called me a “sanctimonious twit” for suggesting the rich should pay more in taxes.)

O’Reilly’s accusation is odd, to say the least. If we were living in the 1950s, amid Senator Joe McCarthy’s communist witch-hunts, the claim might have some bite and cause me injury. But these days it’s hard to find a full-throated communist anywhere in the world.

O’Reilly’s accusation isn’t even logical. How can he know if I secretly adore Karl Marx, if it’s a secret?


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